Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barang Barang in my Pouch

Celine is on MC today, haven't seen her for 6 days!!!

My desk is quite tidy already, so I tidy my bag.

Will start off with a small bag in my big bag, a pouch rather. Sometimes too long never check also dunno what I have in it, everyday carry in and out, waste energy. That day went kor's house, almost have to sit on the floor, because all his precious bags are taking the sofa seats! I hand itchy go and dig his bag, he is very worried, almost everything I dig out he wanted to peep, coz he also cannot remember what he has, i think he scares I dig tio mok~mok. Like last time when we moved house Darl dig tio one Yakult (still sealed up) together with his uni lecture notes in a box, and it's 7 years old already!! Wah! Just in time for primary one! hahaha! Btw, if it's wine then not bad huh! hahaha!

In this small pouch I have these :

  • Pouch - from Taiwan Shi Ling Market. I bought 3, one goes to mummy and one to sis.
  • Gastric pills and vitamins - to overcome the late lunch break.
  • Handiplus & alcohol swap - prone to get paper cuts in my previous department, there's once i cut my eye but cannot handiplus my eyeball.. =.="
  • Nails file - for emergency.
  • Hairpin - fringe is getting longer.
  • Thumbdrive - transfering files. Essential! I'm still shopping for a cute cute one!
  • SIM card - I thought I've returned to Dean last Christmas!! I just tried and it's still alive. Omg, did you ever check your phone bill?
Lastly is that decorative thingy - it's from my aunt, she bought it from China and these stones symbolised my 贵人. If you are Rooster, Piggy and the other one dunno is what looks like monyet, then congratz you are my angels! hehe..

Ok enough for now.. other compartments in the bag, leave it to next time k! Have to get back to work!

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