Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2-men Scarlion, we made it!!!

Had a good rest after my breakfast, sleep until at least 1.30pm. Hahaha..

Met Dean online and he suggested a 2-men Scarlion, this was my second scarlion experience. First was a 12th-men team organised by Alex, and that's how I got my Scarlion Helm - very smoothly.

2-men Scarlion is actually a bit silly, took us very long. Can't imagine how he did it the last time, controlling 2 characters and managed to reach B3. lol.

My pot consumption : 350 Mana, 500 Kapitan & 2 Ciders.
Plus 2 revivals from my bishop.. ps ps.. lol...

2 Men Scarlion

The drops are :
  • 3 Scarlion Helm
  • 1 Scarlion Boss Foot
  • 1 Gold Box
  • 5 Scrolls of 60% - Shoes speed, 1hs att, 2hs att, dagger att & polearm att.
  • 6 bags of Meso.
  • Some HP & MP Pots - Sunset Dew & Reindeer Milk
No Eq =(

By the way, I've finally obtained the Quest Specialist Medal. After the completion of 800 quests throughout the journey. =D

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