Sunday, August 30, 2009

Palm Tree Beach Chair!

Today Darl~Darl buy me one scratch scratch. Wah... tio $10! Happy =D. That day we bought 2 tickets and scratched outside the shop, won $4, so we went back in to exchange for another 2, but 2nd time won nothing. Hehe..

Went Dean's house to help him tune his TV channel. He signed up for a Magic Box for Jen. Checked out on Jen's Precious Moment Collections at the display shelves. The little boy at the back staring at the cake is very cute!

Dean gave me some Maple Goodies!! =D

And also a Palm Tree Beach Chair from Dean! So nice!!

Tonight training I keep dying due to lag, so Dean says, "Hang there don't move!!" Haha! I leeched until level up.. pai seh pai seh.. =p (L154 DK & my little pet)

Check out what we have for dinner tonight! Pork Belly Darl Darl cook one ~ very nice! =D

That day i told Celine, I cook Sharkfin Soup. She says.. Wah!! I only know how to open Sharkfin can. Then I realised i missed out one word.. Sharkfin Melon Soup la~ Hahaha.. Pai seh la~

Saturday - Gym & Gathering

Took a photo of Singapore Flyer from the highway, on our way to gym.
The sky is so beautiful today!

IR under construction.

Gathering with old flatmates @ Splash, East Coast.
The baby has a twin brother and looks identical. So cute!
Today is didi's turn to go kai kai, so kor kor stay at home.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DC Queen =.="

I'm almost crowned the DC Queen =.="' coz for the whole of this month I keep dc from bossing. Whether Balrog, Zak or Scarlion all DC without fail. So far I only completed 2 Scarlion - one which Alex helps me get the helm and the other one is a 2-men Scarlion with Dean. Wah.. consider lucky liao, at least missions accomplished.

Team Spirit

A moment of silent for Scarlion before downing.
Dunno how I manage to capture this moment.. haha..

Barang Barang in my Pouch

Celine is on MC today, haven't seen her for 6 days!!!

My desk is quite tidy already, so I tidy my bag.

Will start off with a small bag in my big bag, a pouch rather. Sometimes too long never check also dunno what I have in it, everyday carry in and out, waste energy. That day went kor's house, almost have to sit on the floor, because all his precious bags are taking the sofa seats! I hand itchy go and dig his bag, he is very worried, almost everything I dig out he wanted to peep, coz he also cannot remember what he has, i think he scares I dig tio mok~mok. Like last time when we moved house Darl dig tio one Yakult (still sealed up) together with his uni lecture notes in a box, and it's 7 years old already!! Wah! Just in time for primary one! hahaha! Btw, if it's wine then not bad huh! hahaha!

In this small pouch I have these :

  • Pouch - from Taiwan Shi Ling Market. I bought 3, one goes to mummy and one to sis.
  • Gastric pills and vitamins - to overcome the late lunch break.
  • Handiplus & alcohol swap - prone to get paper cuts in my previous department, there's once i cut my eye but cannot handiplus my eyeball.. =.="
  • Nails file - for emergency.
  • Hairpin - fringe is getting longer.
  • Thumbdrive - transfering files. Essential! I'm still shopping for a cute cute one!
  • SIM card - I thought I've returned to Dean last Christmas!! I just tried and it's still alive. Omg, did you ever check your phone bill?
Lastly is that decorative thingy - it's from my aunt, she bought it from China and these stones symbolised my 贵人. If you are Rooster, Piggy and the other one dunno is what looks like monyet, then congratz you are my angels! hehe..

Ok enough for now.. other compartments in the bag, leave it to next time k! Have to get back to work!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Carl's Jr

My GM suggested Carl's Jr for supper. The shop still open or not is one thing, the main thing is - Carl's Jr le!! Isn't it a bit too heavy for supper??

On Saturday, after haircut @ Orchard, Darl ta-pao Carl's Jr Burger back for dinner. I saw the burger already want to faint, and he says he bought two, we take one each. I tell mummy the burger is almost like the size of my face, and it takes me 2 meals to finish. Hahaha!!!

Though it's my favourite - mushroom de.. I think I also don't want to eat anymore.. booo.... so big ~

Boat Quay Lane

Guess where is this? While we were looking for car park at Raffles Place, we accidentally turned into a one way street, that gets narrower and narrower.. - A rare sight in Singapore.

What are we doing at Raffles Place? Duck rice lor~ what else... Hahaha... Darl's long awaited duck rice!

Dinner @ Cactus

Had dinner near Dean's house. He joined us too, with a packet of Ruffles, coz already had his dinner. I still prefer the one at Bedok. See when free go back and eat. =D

Friday, August 14, 2009

Effectiveness of Point System

I just realised that actually point system can be very effective - get job done faster!
For example tonight, one warm up question :

[btw.. If you have not read my previous blog on "points-system-for-men",
you may not understand what I mean.]

Am I pretty?
...... No answer ......
I followed up with another sms : Hesitating minus -100
Then he immediately replied : Pretty!

Then I SMS him again : Come out with clothes hangers to earn +200 points.
...... No answer ......
Then I SMS again : Accumulate 500 points to redeem for rewards.
Then he appeared with the clothes hangers, and started counting 200, 400, 600...
200 point each hanger right?
No la. 200 points for one task la~
He put down the clothes hanger and wanted to go back to the room..
Hang them and earn another +200 points!
He then hang the whole chunk on the bamboo pole, and say, hang liao. +200
Huh! I mean hang the clothes la~
Hang properly earn another +50 bonus points.
After that, he went in to get more clothes hanger, Get more hangers got add points?
Got. Add 50 points.
50 points nia 不要也罢!
Wah!!! very yaya hor!!!

Finally he got to claim his reward : Nacho! Gratz!


Actually even no points he will also help hang the clothes together de..
just that got points made more fun to doing house chord together!!


Kor Kor *Confused*

Kor Kor called me, Darl answered. Kor Kor asked,"Say Kia le?"
Kor Kor called Darl, I answered. Kor Kor asked,"Baby le?"

Kor Kor *confused*.

One day, kor kor asked, "how come everytime I call you, your baby answer the phone, then when I call him you answer the phone? Or is it that I call the wrong number?"

You didn't call wrong number la, but sometimes the person you call is busy ma..

(actually behind the scene is *push here push there* you answer lar~ you answer lar~)

Hahaha.. no la! Just kidding. The actual fact is that the party that you are not looking for is more kepoh to Know why you looking for the other party instead of him/her. This is human nature.. hahaha..


Every time lunch with Dean he will buy me a lotsa tidbits.. tell me this one ho-chiak that one ho-chiak.

Latest in store - Strawberry and Yam favoured biscuit.

Thank you very much wor! But please don't eat so much sweet stuff, even if you are not very fat yet, also cannot eat until so sweet, it is not very healthy. I leave it in the office for tea-break. =D

Point System in Office

Back to work after my off day and received an email from my manager regarding that I've quoted the wrong info to the customer. I recalled that the info was actually given by another manager so I explained to her. She then told me since this is the case she will not deduct my points. I was puzzled, what points?? She replied that it's for the measurement on accuracy of work.

I told her that the info is given by the manager I therefore quoted with no doubt. She says managers are also human, next time better refer to the website.

Wah.. so I'm not human ah? Also, she doesn't even know what's happening and she wanted to deduct my points! I told her it all started when the info on the website is outdated so I informed the manager and the manager forwarded me the 'correct' info to advise the customer, unfortunately, the info is also wrong!

Then I asked her, so you gonna deduct his point?
She didn't reply me, she must be steaming already at the other end.

In the same afternoon, I asked her something, she must be thinking that this is her opportunity to revenge, she replied me,"I beg your pardon??? I thought it was mentioned during the meeting???" I was shocked with her reaction. Then I heard her footstep, stomping over all the way from her desk. She's not fat la, but got some weight lor ~ manyzer ma! Then we both looking at the website, she said "Scroll up!" I scrolled up. "Scroll down". I scrolled down. She murmured... "That means they never update.." Then walked away.

Huh? finish liao ar? How can? I haven't recover from shock le..
I told her "I checked the website before I ask you okie!"
Her reply was "Okie no worries."

She dare not ask me to refer to the website anymore wor.. Hahaha!!!

Wah 2 times in a row.. so sorry.. but I never do anything le.. did i??

Okie la.. next time let her win la.. if not later heel wear too high minus point, skirt too short minus point, perfume smell too nice minus point, difficult ah~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Darl got his N97! Finally!

The phone was delivered to our doorstep as that's the only option, they disallow self collection for online booking. We have gone through much hassle to get this phone and let me tell you what happened.

**If you lazy to read the whole story, then just
scroll down to read the useful tips in Green.

It was advertised on the newspaper that if we placed the order through their website we will get a good price. We couldn't find the option on their website so we approached their outlets, we were then told to call their hotline to find out more, when we called their hotline, a guy staff confirmed the promo and advised that we try again. We went online again and ta-da!! The order form is now there, don't know when and how, anyway, it doesn't show the price as per the ad in the papers. We called them again, the staff who answered the phone asked us a lotsa questions - where is the promo advertised, newspaper date, section and page number, after putting us on hold for a long x many times, she reverted saying "sorry, this promotion is on broadband."

O.o Huh..???? But isn't that a picture of N97 on the advertisement??

She put us on hold again, and got back saying it's for new customer only. Huh? We merely feedback that the website doesn't show correct info and wish to double confirm, how come she make so many funny guesses?? She smoke and smoke until Darl tak boleh tahan liao.. So requested that she put us to someone who knows the promotion. She says,"Sir just refer to the website."

Wah so senang wor! Visit their outlet and was told to call the hotline, call the hotline and was told to visit their website. Wah impressive!!

Finally we have no choice so we asked for the guy staff who we spoke to when we first called. She says she can't help because - all the managers are not available and the guy staff we mentioned is not in the same office. She says she's from the Philipines office and the guy is from Singapore office. She says she couldn't do a call transfer either.

Looks like we will have to play tikam tikam. Darl tikam a few times but no luck, almost giving up... Then guy called back and we have our queries answered within 5 minutes!

Haiz.. CMI..

Anyway, we learnt something that maybe very useful. **If you ever call a company that has a Call Centre based in foreign country, you may want to try your luck by selecting "Mandarin Speaking" option, you maybe getting a local agent on the phone... Erm... or maybe you get someone that says.. 您好, 这里是深圳.... Hahaha... not my problem..

The "Points" System for men‏

In the world of romance, one single rule applies to men:
  • Make the woman happy. Do something she likes, and you get points. (+)
  • Do something she dislikes and points are subtracted. (-)
  • You don't get any points for doing something she expects. (0)
Sorry, that's the way the game is played.

Here is a guide to the point system:

  • You make the bed (+1)
  • You make the bed, but forget the decorative pillow (0)
  • You throw the bedspread over rumpled sheets (-1)
  • You go out to buy her what she wants (+5) In the rain (+8)
  • But return with Beer (-5)
  • You check out a suspicious noise at night (0)
  • You check out a suspicious noise, and it is nothing (0)
  • You check out a suspicious noise and it is something (+5)
  • You pummel it with iron rod (+10)
  • It's her pet (-10)

  • You stay by her side the entire party (0)
  • You stay by her side for a while, then leave to chat with a college buddy (-2)
  • Named Rita (-4)
  • Rita is a dancer (-6)
  • Rita is single and is really beautiful (-80)

  • You forget her birthday (-50000)
  • You take her out to dinner (0)
  • You take her out to dinner and it's not a sports bar (+1)
  • Okay, it's a sports bar (-2)
  • And it's all-you-can-eat night (-3)
  • It's a sports bar, it's all-you-can-eat night, and your face is painted the colours of your favourite team (-10)

  • You take her to a movie (+2)
  • You take her to a movie she likes (+4)
  • You take her to a movie you hate (+6)
  • You take her to a movie you like (-2)
  • It's called 'DeathCop' (-3)
  • You lied and said it was a foreign film about orphans (-15)

  • She asks, 'Do I look fat?' (-5) [Yes, you LOSE points no matter WHAT]
  • You hesitate in responding (-10)
  • You reply, 'Where?' (-35)
  • Any other response (-20)

  • When she wants to talk about a problem , you listen, displaying what looks like a concerned expression (0)
  • You listen, for over 30 minutes (+50)
  • You listen for more than 30 minutes without looking at the TV (+500)
  • She realizes this is because you have fallen asleep (-10000)

Now what chance do you have???

HAHAHAHHA!! This is so funny! Hope it makes your day~
But maybe not for the guys! Hahaha.. sorry!!

[Source : Extracted from an email.]

New Pricing for Traffic Offences for Singapore**

Traffic Police Hot Spot (click to enlarge)

**Please note that the prices are subjected to changes without notice.


Exceeding 01 - 20km/h = $130 Fine + 4 Demerit Points.
Exceeding 21 - 30km/h = $150 Fine + 6 Demerit Points.
Exceeding 31 - 40km/h = $180 Fine + 8 Demerit Points.
Exc! eeding 41 - 50km/h = more than $200 Fine + 12 Demerit Points + Court
Exceeding 51 - 60km/h = more than $200 Fine + 18 Demerit Points + Court
Exceeding More Than 61km/h = more than $200 Fine + 24 Demerit Points + Court.

Driving Offences

Failing to Put On Seat Belt = $120 Fine + 3 Demerit points
Crossing Double White Lines = $130 Fine + 4 Demerit Points
Careless Driving = $150 Fine + 6 Demerit Points
Inconsiderate Driving! = $170 Fine + 9 Demerit Points + Court
Dangerous Driving = more than $200 Fine + 24 Demerit Points + Court + Vehicle Compounded
Illegal Racing = more than $200 Fine + Vehicle Confiscate + Court

Mobile Phones

Phone/Text and Drive = $200 Fine + 12 Demerit Points + Phone Confiscated
You cannot hold your phone in your hand when you drive, even with loud speaker and/or ear piece.

Drink Driving

For First Offence = Up to $5,000 Fine and/or Jail Term + License Suspended + Court
For Second Offence = Jail Term + Fine + License Suspended + Court

Other Offences

Fail to signal when changing lanes = $70 Fine
Making an illegal U-Turn when no U-Turn sign = $70 Fine
Driving after 7pm without headlights or taillights = $30 Fine
No number plate = $70 Fine
Obstructed or obscured number plate = $70 Fine
Number plate of unapproved type = $70 Fine.

Court Cases

If you want to be a hero and fight the court case yourself, and you lose, you pay the court charges yourself, which will add to your fine.
Court charges are at least $200 and above.

Demerit Point System

Let's say you have 0 points on 1st January 2009, and you committed the offence of 'Failing to Put On Seat Belt'.

So now, you will have 3 demerit points and this will last for one Year.
If during this one year you have no demerit point offences at all, your 3 demerit points will be gone on 1/1/2010.

But, if during this one year, from 1/1/2009 to 1/1/2010, you commit another offence with demerit points, your very first offence will be extended for another year until 1/1/2011.

Monday, August 10, 2009

NDP 2009

Join Dean's family @ Ritz Carlton for NDP this year. Thanks for the invitation!

The view is spectacular!

Integrated Resort under construction.

25 Year Old Wine.

Plenty of Wine.



Cute stuffs.

Nice View from the room.
Night Fall.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Darl is very pissed right now, on the phone with a telco company.

Later I'll tell you why, dinner first. Tata~

Strange Yum-Char Restaurant

Came across a Chinese Restaurant @ Vivo that has a very unique name, so we've decided to give it a try.

At the entrance, we were greeted by a man in black. While walking to our seat, the waiter stopped and asked us for our names, quite unexpected but still we replied him, he says "okie" and continue walking us to our seat. I thought exchanging name is basic courtesy? He never introduce himself wor! Anyway, while walking in, we noticed a lotsa people in formal suit standing around. Ops.. we feel so out of place. Then, we realised that they are actually the waiters, looked way too smart for a Yum Char restaurant and non of the patrons there looked smarter than them! lol..

We ordered our food, and as usual I'll shoot whatever I eat, especially when I find it interesting. Suddenly, a very serious looking man in black approached and said,"Sorry, photo taking is not allowed".


I've never come across such incident! Do you? Pls share with me if you know of any other restaurant that practise the same. Luckily he did not confiscate my handphone, well, he looks like he will. Who knows, he got our names and is not telling us his, and he looked very serious too.

This is the only photo I shoot. Look very nice hor.. but actually nothing fantastic. The base of the bun is hard and when we removed the paper sticking to it, the whole base came off and the filling that is in liquid form flow out and dripped all over the place.

Overall impression is - strange, uneasy, disappointing.

Queueing for iPhone

Passby the handphone shop and saw people paying for iPhone over the counter. Yeah! Stock replenished! I approached the queue counter to queue for a queue number, ya.. queue for queue number, see how good is their business!

Reached my turn and I told the staff that I'd like to buy an iPhone, but he said it's not open to public yet. So I asked him how do I get one as I'd like to get one now, immediately.

You will need to express your interest first.
Huh??? I almost wanted to tell him - Yes I'm interested.
After a short pause, he said,"You will need to express your interest online."

I was thinking what crap is this, buy an iPhone so mafan, not that you monopolize the market and you have to make your customers go through this.. I visited their website, luckily it's not something like - Please express your interest in 50 words that kind of stuffs...

Darl's company actually can help to get priority queue for iPhone, I was hesitating then Darl says - you express interest to me, i express interest to my company, then my company express interest to the phone company. Then when the stock come the phone company confirm interest with his company, his company confirm interest with him and he needs to confirm with me.. Wah.. so complicated!

Nevermind la.. wait lor~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2-men Scarlion, we made it!!!

Had a good rest after my breakfast, sleep until at least 1.30pm. Hahaha..

Met Dean online and he suggested a 2-men Scarlion, this was my second scarlion experience. First was a 12th-men team organised by Alex, and that's how I got my Scarlion Helm - very smoothly.

2-men Scarlion is actually a bit silly, took us very long. Can't imagine how he did it the last time, controlling 2 characters and managed to reach B3. lol.

My pot consumption : 350 Mana, 500 Kapitan & 2 Ciders.
Plus 2 revivals from my bishop.. ps ps.. lol...

2 Men Scarlion

The drops are :
  • 3 Scarlion Helm
  • 1 Scarlion Boss Foot
  • 1 Gold Box
  • 5 Scrolls of 60% - Shoes speed, 1hs att, 2hs att, dagger att & polearm att.
  • 6 bags of Meso.
  • Some HP & MP Pots - Sunset Dew & Reindeer Milk
No Eq =(

By the way, I've finally obtained the Quest Specialist Medal. After the completion of 800 quests throughout the journey. =D

Shopping for a New Handphone

Dinner @ S11, Bishan.

Darl & I ordered this.

We ordered this for Dean.

No special occasion.
Just happened to passby Dean's house so pick him up for dinner.
At the same time to shop for my iPhone and Darl's N97.
Iphone - no stock.
N97 - ...

Talking about the N97 really make me angry. The telco offered me a $100 re-contract voucher and told me that I could get any phone from the outlet and offset with a paperless voucher. We calculated and that we only need to fork out $438 so we happily went down to get the phone.

"The voucher got write, cannot use on Starbuy item, where is your voucher? Show me." Walau.. your staff says paperless lor, show what! Then she says, now starbuy price is $538, very cheap already so cannot use voucher. If you want to use voucher okie lor we nett off the $100 from the non starbuy price, so $588. Walau.. the Starbuy price is lower than the recontract price!!

I asked her, then your company offer me that voucher for what? Then she proposed, or you want to buy Samsung? Samsung also very good, then you can use the voucher lor coz not Starbuy item. I only want to buy N97. Then you wait till the starbuy end then buy lor.

So the voucher no use one lar?
Ya actually the voucher no use one.

What the hell!! Treating your customer like an idiot??
I called them 2 weeks ago to feedback on this, no reply till now.
Luckily they didn't monopolise the iPhone market.
D@mn hopeless..

Sleepless Night

(So comfy... Alex lend me one.)

When do you know you need a pill to sleep?

11.00pm - in bed.
11.30am - Nokia Car Racing.
12.30am - Nokia Backgammon II.
1.30am - blogging & photos editing.
3.30am - blogging.
4.30am - take a pill and try to sleep.
5.00am++ slept. zZzzzz...
7.10am - Alarm RiNg!!!

Gastric, rashes, hot , noisy neighbour, frustration, possessed!
Grrrrrrrr................ So tired now.

Input Output Logic

Attended a Customer Service Course today, the trainer shared one of her encounters on an budget airline. (If you've taken one before you'd probably know that most of them don't provide free meal on flight, however you may order from their menu, food is not at all fantastic and it's not cheap. Whatever it is, no outside food is allowed.) The trainer says, during the flight, a passenger took out his lunchbox and started eating, end up scolded by the air-stewardess. The passenger who looked like a Chinese National didn't quite bothered by that and continued slurping his food, maybe he don't understand English?

Anyway, I was thinking, how would they handle such situation? Confiscate the food? plaster the passenger's mouth? Tie his hands to the seat? mm.. maybe not so violent. But I am really curious to know what they can do about it.

Well, since they started charging for the food and drink, maybe soon they will discover that they should also charge for the use of the toilet on board, a solution based on the Input Output Logic.
  • Passenger who spent at least $xx on F&B on the flight may use the toilet Free Of Charge. Please approach the stewardess with your receipt to exchange for an Infinity-Pass, valid for a day use of unlimited visit.
  • Passenger who did not spend on F&B on the flight may approach the stewardess to purchase your toilet pass. A One-Time-Pass for one time visit, or a Season-Pass for unlimited visit.
What do you think? Can we sell this idea to the budget airlines? Hahaha!!!

Actually in some countries paying for the use of toilet is nothing new. In Malaysia, very often you'll see a toilet manager sitting by a desk outside the toilet folding toilet papers, in case you need it they can earn extra. In Europe, we saw same toilets in the park, fully automated and no managers round. You just need to insert 0.40 coin and the door will open automatically. After the visit, the toilet will shut for a few minutes to do self cleaning before it opens up for the next patron. However, there is a notice outside that says each visit is limited to 20 minutes. I wonder what will happen when time's up and still not done.. will the door open automatically? Hahaha!!!

Actually paying for visit nevermind, but please at least make an effort to clean up, don't just sit at the manager desk and roll toilet papers. A lotsa time I dare not drink water when I'm outside, coz visiting toilet is really a nightmare. Be very grateful that you are in Singapore, toilets are not just free, but clean. lol...

"与绮梦共进晚餐 C0ntest"


请画出绮梦的正确位子, 幸运参赛者将有机会与绮梦共进晚餐, 并享用绮梦最爱吃的鸡扒.

Found the deodorant sample pack in the letter box, and it reminds me of 吴君如. Hahahaha!!! So sorry but it's really funny... Haiz.. can't sleep le so very bo liao ... what to do? $%!*#@%#*$^%#&@!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Berserk 30... Passed!!!

Dean's HT Virgin Run. [link]

Wah! Gratz to Dean to have successfully down the HornTail last night! Hopefully I can also make it to one, one day. The Bishop so relax.. still got time to use iPhone to shoot screen.. lol..

Sunshine Club's Virgin Balrog Run. [link]

I've also gone for a
Balrog expedition this afternoon, but too bad half way dc... but quite fun! Before entering the tomb my GM warned, don't 'tio chua' when you see it later. Haha.. see how tiny I am, I look up and only see it's claw.. but compare to HornTail, this is really.. peanut..

Gratz to myself too! I've successful scrolled Berserk 30. Weeeee!!! So happy!!! And with this, I'll hold back on the Reverse Project until further notice...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gomus Wedding Committee Meeting #1

After joining Dean @ Sentosa for the Beach Ball Event, headed down to Nomu for the meeting.

Chairperson : Gomus & Nana
Committee : Kor, Darl & Mollie

Gomus's house is still empty, but this time got aircon & light already, they will move in by end of July. After the meeting, Gomus treat us to a dinner @ Tao's. This is the second time I dine there, Dean intro me to that restaurant like 4 yrs ago, after that forget about this restaurant.. haha.. Actually the food is quite interesting.

Nah.. photos posted. See for yourself.. need to rush to the Sports Council liao.. Dean was at the badminton court already.. one hour earlier than the booked timing... lol...