Friday, July 24, 2009


It was such a nice weather to sleep but too bad I've agreed to cover a colleague who has been quarantined.

After work, happily went home to patch the game. To my dismay McAfee has deleted the whole programme due to "Trojan" suspect on the patch! I re-installed the game and re-downloaded the patch and again it was deleted by McAfee without seeking my consent. After spending 1 hour repeating the patching, I've decided to utilise the lifelines.

1st lifeline - Dean
"do you see the M logo on the right bottom corner?"
Right click and select Exit.
.. dun have 'exit' le..
Huh? weird le.. normally should have le..

2nd lifeline - Jrie Kor Kor
Kor.. help me help me!! how to disable McAfee?
Huh?! Where is Darl?
He is not at home.
Where is he?
He go out with friends.
Why you want to disable?
Aiya!! Just tell me how to disable McAfee laaaaaaa!!!
Oppss.. my pc suddenly auto shut down wor.. Can wait or not, it's restarting.
still restarting.
Ok restarted. But i'm not using McAfee wor..
mm.. let me see.. Ok I teach you uninstal but you don't tell Darl I teach you one bo~
I dun wan to uninstal la.. just disable can liao~
Oh.. but you cannot tell him I teach you wor..
Ok lar faster faster.
Wait lar.. I must see first ma..
If he comes back you must hang up wor..
Why must I hang up?
Later he knows I teach you le!
You hang up la~ You scare ma not I scare le~
But I dunno he come back ma~
True also.. Ok ok..
You go control panel .. bla bla bla..
....kor kor!! don't have disable button la..

(after 15 minutes.. still can't disable the d@mn thing..)

Aiya dun want to play liao la! Angry ah!!

Then Darl came back. I complaint to him about the McAfee.. Then he explained, if so easy to disable then seow liao, the virus can easily intrudes my pc by disable the anti-virus lor. True also. He says got Trojan still download later PC crash no need to play liao. True also.

Ended up re-download the whole game which takes about 3 hours.
Busy for the whole night, for nothing. =.="

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