Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meimei Eve's Wedding - Sibu

[Update for June 09.]

Settled the wedding dinner @ Kuching, next, move on to Sibu. The flight journey is around 30 mins, we travel by MAS and the flight is only 20% full.

Yeah! I'm sitting with mummy! Can't remember when is the last time traveling with mummy. As the flight is not full, the air-stewardess gave us all the remaining peanuts. Haha! Mummy loves peanuts!

Upon arrival, we check-in to the best hotel in Sibu! But luckily I brought my own toothbrush, coz it's not provided. =.=" Want to hear more? When we check-in at the counter, the staff says can't locate our booking and the type of rooms that we wanted were fully taken up. O.o What can be worst? Well, luckily the banquet is confirm booked. lol... View from the hotel (above pic), see the sky is falling down.

Nice sunset after the rain.

Finally the big day arrived.
This is my meimei Eve. Pretty hor!
I was there to supervise the make-up process and be a busy body.. lol..

Bought these from Singapore for her, then realise Kuching also selling and it's cheaper somemore.. zzz

Check out the food served at the hotel we stayed.

It's so interesting! All of them are very nice, especially the beef tendon!

Black Chicken herbal soup and Giant Phomphet.

Peking Duck.

Big Prawns. Or is it lobster? I dunno, I only know it has lotsa yeggs.. hehe..

We also celebrate our father's day there. Four fathers get-together dinner.

Before we left, we visited the wet market near our hotel. Check out the merchandises - A puppy in his house, life chicken wrapped in newspaper, life maggots and dead salt fish... mm.. of coz it's dead one..

We flew back home by AirAsia. They call themselves the world's best. Guess what they have done? We handed 6 passports to the staff at the check-in counter, the seat assigned to all 6 of us were scattered all over. We thought the flight is full and when we boarded, we realised that there are a lotsa empty seats. I've never come across such world's best, so unforgetable!

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