Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meimei Eve's Wedding - Kuching

[Update for June 09.]

Was back to home town last month for meimei's wedding - two dinners were held, one in Kch, one in Sibu.

We ordered this for lunch at Changi airport before boarding, coz no lunch provided on Jetstar. The waitress heat up the whole set of bento, including the orange and strawberry.. why so funny one..

A view of Kuching from the flight. No Initial-D this time, was resting and missed it.

First meal upon arrival. Kolomee. RM2.50 only. =D

Mama cook Chicken Soup Mee-Sua. My favourite! =D

Meimei chia me eat char-kway and the glutinous rice.. The char-kway has a lotsa 'chai-po' and is very appetizing. The glutinous rice is her favourite, comes in 2 different favour - sweet and salty.

This is the home cook food that I miss so much! The starfruit is from the backyard, mummy grow one. The dragon fruit mummy buy one, first time see so vivid colour one.

How come no wedding photo one?

Erm.. coz the actual day is in Sibu...

Show you some in the next post k.. heez..

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