Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday - Part I

Can't decide where to celebrate my birthday this year, finally settled with Mushroom Pot. Luckily we made reservation because it was quite pack and even the carpark is full. We saw some police cars and crowds holding signboard and banners at the carpark, thought there was a strike which is very unusual in Singapore. Then Kor Kor told us that it's Stephanie Sun's Concert. Haha! sorry so out dated.

The steamboat is good - Nice ambience, fresh food and most importantly hygienic. All know how steamboat looks like so no need to post the pics la.. here are some interesting side dishes. Thanks Darl for the treat, and thanks to all for celebrating for me. =D

A giant lollipop from Jen. Brought all the way back from her Melaka trip. Thank you and I've shared it with my colleagues. =D

A bag full of MapleStory goodies from Poppy. So happy!!! Thanks to HH too. =D

A slow cooker from Dean. He says this may help safe my house from being burnt down. zzz.. Thanks, I've already used it once - for Herbal Chicken Soup. =D

A jewellery box from kor & Lin. Wah.. Kor you still remember what I've said half year ago! Not bad! But I've already got one last Christmas (below). hehe.. Thx for the 'toy'! =D You say one.. buy me a red color toy..

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