Saturday, July 18, 2009

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It's been a long time since i last blogged.. Wondering how have I been for the past 1 months? In short, good!!!

Where should i start? Let's start from this morning, easier.

It's a beautiful Friday morning, Darl sent me to work as usual. Pass by countless traffic lights and finally reached my office at the Ulu-ulu place. Bumped into my previous dept's supevisor at the building entrance. First thing out of her mouth, "come back and help me la~". =.="

She is now the head of the dept, congratz to the promotion. So what happened to that boss from hell? Well, who cares. She asked me to go back to help her, to make it sounded attractive, she says I just need to do approving this time, unlike the last time where I've to do both implementation and approval and work no day no night for 7 days a week.

NO!!! thanks...
Why le? She asked.

Even those who are not from same dept also know why.. hahaha.. This is not the first time already, and she even go through the big big boss, and the big big boss approached my current boss to ask her to release me to go back to help her. Got such thing one meh?? Wa-piang! Win liao lor... Everyone is shocked with her action. Anyway, let's not spoil the mood of a beautiful Friday.

As usual, reached the office 45 mins before the official start work timing, collected a cup of hot coffee from the pantry to go with anything edible found on my desk.. while reading archiving deleting emails, printing notes, tidying my work station etc..

Beep beep.. SMS received.
Dean says he is off today but is with the boss. Erm.. apparently not his boss. This boss is tough and difficult. He was with him since 10am to almost 3pm without break. The last update says he gave up liao. Haha.. I told him, should have waited for me then we can finish the boss faster! Well, so end up I lunch alone lor~ So I called Darl and asked him about his opinion on getting an iPhone.

Do you have any friends that own iPhone?
Oh that one I know lar, I mean other friends.
Ya, my colleague.
Oh that one I also know, his is new iPhone?
Then you have any friend that use the new iPhone?
Don't have new friends use iPhone.
No, I mean any friends hold new iphone?
New friends hold iPhone, dun have.
No!! Old friends hold NEW iPhone lar! The new version of iPhone lar!

zzzzzz... .. =.="

Anyway, I'm waiting for my contract to end and I'll definitely get one!

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