Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday - Part II & Gratz Dean on 200!

Thanks to those who dropped me SMS on my birthday. A friend from HK says I looked very different from last time. I wonder if it's good or bad.. or maybe he got the wrong person, because I did not use real name in Facebook.. haha..

Thanks Pooh & NWP, this is so sweet!

Also thanks to those who mega me in maple. Would like to Congratulate Dean a.k.a pro Bishop for completing his maple journey by reaching level 200 on the same day! Congratulations! Wah.. can't believe that I've the honor to party and witness the historical moment! Pro ah~ lol..

That evening I told Darl,
Dean will throw me a mega tonight, for my birthday. What about you?
Okie lor, then I also throw you one.
Oh.. you say one hor..
Ya later i go downstair and mega you on the wall..

zzz... he means like those people write O$P$ one.. zzz..
I don't what that kind la~ bleah~
Ok la~ he got cook me nice nice food and bring me eat Steamboat and Yum Char.. Happy~ =D

By the way, I've also SMSed friends whose birthday fall on the same day as me! Here's something I found on the website about people who share this birthday, what do you think? lol...


They are sociable folks who still manage to retain a wholesome set of values. They have a great need to connect with others on a profoundly emotional level. Even though they have a love of material things, they understand the spiritual realm as well.

Friends and Lovers --
They make friends easily. They are energized by people and genuinely care for others. In romance, they have an idealistic view. This mindset may create problems, because they look for a level of perfection in their union that is impossible to maintain or even achieve.

Children and Family --
They have a strong emotional tie to the past, which makes it difficult for them to break from family. They make good parents, though they need to guard against using their insecurities to overindulge their children.

Health --
They are sometimes troubled by allergies which can be the result of their ambivalence toward their food habits. Once they come to grips with their true feelings, these physical symptoms are likely to vanish.

Career and Finances
-- They have a deep and genuine love for others. Counseling, therapy, or the clergy are amenable career choices. They need to make a good salary but don't need money to be emotionally secure.

Dreams and Goals
They are addicted to travel and often learn some of their greatest life-lessons in foreign cultures. Their tolerant viewpoint and appreciation and respect for the beliefs of others create an environment in which many of their dreams can come true.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday - Part I

Can't decide where to celebrate my birthday this year, finally settled with Mushroom Pot. Luckily we made reservation because it was quite pack and even the carpark is full. We saw some police cars and crowds holding signboard and banners at the carpark, thought there was a strike which is very unusual in Singapore. Then Kor Kor told us that it's Stephanie Sun's Concert. Haha! sorry so out dated.

The steamboat is good - Nice ambience, fresh food and most importantly hygienic. All know how steamboat looks like so no need to post the pics la.. here are some interesting side dishes. Thanks Darl for the treat, and thanks to all for celebrating for me. =D

A giant lollipop from Jen. Brought all the way back from her Melaka trip. Thank you and I've shared it with my colleagues. =D

A bag full of MapleStory goodies from Poppy. So happy!!! Thanks to HH too. =D

A slow cooker from Dean. He says this may help safe my house from being burnt down. zzz.. Thanks, I've already used it once - for Herbal Chicken Soup. =D

A jewellery box from kor & Lin. Wah.. Kor you still remember what I've said half year ago! Not bad! But I've already got one last Christmas (below). hehe.. Thx for the 'toy'! =D You say one.. buy me a red color toy..

Friday, July 24, 2009


It was such a nice weather to sleep but too bad I've agreed to cover a colleague who has been quarantined.

After work, happily went home to patch the game. To my dismay McAfee has deleted the whole programme due to "Trojan" suspect on the patch! I re-installed the game and re-downloaded the patch and again it was deleted by McAfee without seeking my consent. After spending 1 hour repeating the patching, I've decided to utilise the lifelines.

1st lifeline - Dean
"do you see the M logo on the right bottom corner?"
Right click and select Exit.
.. dun have 'exit' le..
Huh? weird le.. normally should have le..

2nd lifeline - Jrie Kor Kor
Kor.. help me help me!! how to disable McAfee?
Huh?! Where is Darl?
He is not at home.
Where is he?
He go out with friends.
Why you want to disable?
Aiya!! Just tell me how to disable McAfee laaaaaaa!!!
Oppss.. my pc suddenly auto shut down wor.. Can wait or not, it's restarting.
still restarting.
Ok restarted. But i'm not using McAfee wor..
mm.. let me see.. Ok I teach you uninstal but you don't tell Darl I teach you one bo~
I dun wan to uninstal la.. just disable can liao~
Oh.. but you cannot tell him I teach you wor..
Ok lar faster faster.
Wait lar.. I must see first ma..
If he comes back you must hang up wor..
Why must I hang up?
Later he knows I teach you le!
You hang up la~ You scare ma not I scare le~
But I dunno he come back ma~
True also.. Ok ok..
You go control panel .. bla bla bla..
....kor kor!! don't have disable button la..

(after 15 minutes.. still can't disable the d@mn thing..)

Aiya dun want to play liao la! Angry ah!!

Then Darl came back. I complaint to him about the McAfee.. Then he explained, if so easy to disable then seow liao, the virus can easily intrudes my pc by disable the anti-virus lor. True also. He says got Trojan still download later PC crash no need to play liao. True also.

Ended up re-download the whole game which takes about 3 hours.
Busy for the whole night, for nothing. =.="

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meimei Eve's Wedding - Sibu

[Update for June 09.]

Settled the wedding dinner @ Kuching, next, move on to Sibu. The flight journey is around 30 mins, we travel by MAS and the flight is only 20% full.

Yeah! I'm sitting with mummy! Can't remember when is the last time traveling with mummy. As the flight is not full, the air-stewardess gave us all the remaining peanuts. Haha! Mummy loves peanuts!

Upon arrival, we check-in to the best hotel in Sibu! But luckily I brought my own toothbrush, coz it's not provided. =.=" Want to hear more? When we check-in at the counter, the staff says can't locate our booking and the type of rooms that we wanted were fully taken up. O.o What can be worst? Well, luckily the banquet is confirm booked. lol... View from the hotel (above pic), see the sky is falling down.

Nice sunset after the rain.

Finally the big day arrived.
This is my meimei Eve. Pretty hor!
I was there to supervise the make-up process and be a busy body.. lol..

Bought these from Singapore for her, then realise Kuching also selling and it's cheaper somemore.. zzz

Check out the food served at the hotel we stayed.

It's so interesting! All of them are very nice, especially the beef tendon!

Black Chicken herbal soup and Giant Phomphet.

Peking Duck.

Big Prawns. Or is it lobster? I dunno, I only know it has lotsa yeggs.. hehe..

We also celebrate our father's day there. Four fathers get-together dinner.

Before we left, we visited the wet market near our hotel. Check out the merchandises - A puppy in his house, life chicken wrapped in newspaper, life maggots and dead salt fish... mm.. of coz it's dead one..

We flew back home by AirAsia. They call themselves the world's best. Guess what they have done? We handed 6 passports to the staff at the check-in counter, the seat assigned to all 6 of us were scattered all over. We thought the flight is full and when we boarded, we realised that there are a lotsa empty seats. I've never come across such world's best, so unforgetable!

Meimei Eve's Wedding - Kuching

[Update for June 09.]

Was back to home town last month for meimei's wedding - two dinners were held, one in Kch, one in Sibu.

We ordered this for lunch at Changi airport before boarding, coz no lunch provided on Jetstar. The waitress heat up the whole set of bento, including the orange and strawberry.. why so funny one..

A view of Kuching from the flight. No Initial-D this time, was resting and missed it.

First meal upon arrival. Kolomee. RM2.50 only. =D

Mama cook Chicken Soup Mee-Sua. My favourite! =D

Meimei chia me eat char-kway and the glutinous rice.. The char-kway has a lotsa 'chai-po' and is very appetizing. The glutinous rice is her favourite, comes in 2 different favour - sweet and salty.

This is the home cook food that I miss so much! The starfruit is from the backyard, mummy grow one. The dragon fruit mummy buy one, first time see so vivid colour one.

How come no wedding photo one?

Erm.. coz the actual day is in Sibu...

Show you some in the next post k.. heez..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back to Blogger

It's been a long time since i last blogged.. Wondering how have I been for the past 1 months? In short, good!!!

Where should i start? Let's start from this morning, easier.

It's a beautiful Friday morning, Darl sent me to work as usual. Pass by countless traffic lights and finally reached my office at the Ulu-ulu place. Bumped into my previous dept's supevisor at the building entrance. First thing out of her mouth, "come back and help me la~". =.="

She is now the head of the dept, congratz to the promotion. So what happened to that boss from hell? Well, who cares. She asked me to go back to help her, to make it sounded attractive, she says I just need to do approving this time, unlike the last time where I've to do both implementation and approval and work no day no night for 7 days a week.

NO!!! thanks...
Why le? She asked.

Even those who are not from same dept also know why.. hahaha.. This is not the first time already, and she even go through the big big boss, and the big big boss approached my current boss to ask her to release me to go back to help her. Got such thing one meh?? Wa-piang! Win liao lor... Everyone is shocked with her action. Anyway, let's not spoil the mood of a beautiful Friday.

As usual, reached the office 45 mins before the official start work timing, collected a cup of hot coffee from the pantry to go with anything edible found on my desk.. while reading archiving deleting emails, printing notes, tidying my work station etc..

Beep beep.. SMS received.
Dean says he is off today but is with the boss. Erm.. apparently not his boss. This boss is tough and difficult. He was with him since 10am to almost 3pm without break. The last update says he gave up liao. Haha.. I told him, should have waited for me then we can finish the boss faster! Well, so end up I lunch alone lor~ So I called Darl and asked him about his opinion on getting an iPhone.

Do you have any friends that own iPhone?
Oh that one I know lar, I mean other friends.
Ya, my colleague.
Oh that one I also know, his is new iPhone?
Then you have any friend that use the new iPhone?
Don't have new friends use iPhone.
No, I mean any friends hold new iphone?
New friends hold iPhone, dun have.
No!! Old friends hold NEW iPhone lar! The new version of iPhone lar!

zzzzzz... .. =.="

Anyway, I'm waiting for my contract to end and I'll definitely get one!