Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gona's R.O.M.

Muso called in need of help as he forgot to off his car light the previous night so was unable to start the car the following morning. Worst is - it's his R.O.M.! He approached the petrol kiosk but was persuaded into buying a new car battery. He tried the shopping mall nearby and was lucky enough to find a jumper cable. While they were trying to start the car, we were already on our way to their house to pick and send them to the registrar.

Muso called again, they managed to start the car! We quickily turned back to pick korkor up instead. All reached in time for the ceremony. Phew~

Not much photo taken at the Registrar due to heavy downpour, we proceeded to the Mezza 9 @ Grand Hyatt for lunch after that.

Appetizer | tuna salad with soft boiled egg and wasabi dressing

Appetizer | smoked salmon, mixed salad, capers, sliced onion and sour cream

Main Course | charcoal grilled australian tenderloin, mushroom, potatoes, bearnaise

Dessert | chocolate cake with rasberries, chocolate ice cream

Dessert | banana and chocolate crepe, vanilla ice cream

Mezza 9 | nice ambience

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