Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Doctor Award

Visited my favourite Dr this morning due to sore throat. Actually the sore started yesterday but only very mild. I told her sometimes it goes away unnoticed, sometimes it worsen. So I asked, what would happen if I didn't come today?

She explained that a small troop of virus arrived and a war begin. If my antibodies won, then the sore will disappeared unnoticed. In this case the virus gain victory, therefore I feel weak and fall sick. Today I only need to consume a 5 day course antibiotic, but if I drag on, the troop may grow bigger and I may need to complete a 7 day course antibiotic. Hehe.. when she was telling me this, I could almost picture a saints-vs-devils fighting scene. Haha..

Darl says the Dr always treat me like a little girl. There was once when I was very down, she gave me a hug and that made me feel so much better. She is also the kind of Dr who would personally follow up with phone calls just to make sure everything is ok. Even when she saw me outside the clinic she would come over to say hi.

If there's an award for Best Dr, I'd definitely nominate her!

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