Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wilson Vs Yonex

The Hello Kitty shop reopened after Chinese New Year. Spotted some nice stickers, so lovely and bought some. Chosen 6 but the salesgirl said, "pick 8 and it will only cost you only $2, else will be $2.40 for 6 (40 cents each)". Huh? 8 for $2 only - Got promotion ah! Oic..


After that, bought a breakfast set from McD (McMuffin + Ice Milo = $2.40). Got promotion also! Omg I didn't know I missed so many goodies!

Reached home, read newspaper while enjoying my breakfast, haven't had this kinda life for a long time already. Haven't read newspapers for ages, getting more and more sua-ku after camping in that ulu-ulu place.

Very tired, take a nap.

Woke up at 5pm, packed my stuffs and go for some exercise with Wilson. Erm.. with Darl & Dean actually. Dean said it's a Wilson vs Yonex match. lol.. Very tiring after 1 hour of exercise, luckily didn't book the badminton court for 2 hours as Darl assured me that the hall won't close down tomorrow. So shiok after the game. Never perspire so much also in the gym i frequented, and most of the time my nose hurts too because the environment is too cold and dry. Above photo taken at the same venue, Dean has some photos of the hall. (I didn't take any coz it says NO CAMERA in the hall!)

All were hungry after that so we turned in to Jalan Kayu for dinner and called it a day.

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