Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine + Birthday Celebration

8.20am - The part-time helper called to say that she overslept. Wah good ah! That means we could go for our lunch appointment on time!

Dean planned a belated Valentine's day for all + an early birthday celebration for Jen. He woke up at 7am to do marketing and preparing food. Guess what? He cooked us a very daring dish, steak! I guess it's no easy task, Jen wants it well done, Darl wants it medium rare, I want it in between lol.. Thanks to the cook, the food turned out nice especially the gravy to the steak. We had clam chowder and red wine to go with the main course, strawberries and cake as dessert to round up the meal. Nice~

Finally get to browse those of their younger day's photo. Thanks for sharing with us, it's very neatly arranged and labelled. Very free hor.. lol.. no la.. i mean 很有心思。lol..

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