Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Badminton Racket!

After gym, Darl brought me to buy a racket as promised. Yeah! So excited, almost wanted to book a court for the evening right away! haha..

Darl doubted if I really know how to play, he warned me, "U really can play hor.. don't buy liao play awhile say don't want liao and giv me, I don't know how to play hor.. I only play table tennis hor.."
Mollie, "I know how to play la, last time I always play with my sister one. We take one side of the gate each, in front of our house"
Darl, "Playing at court is different, got people sit there and watch and got people clap hands one."
Mollie, "Huh! Is it? Wah.. stress hor. If play not very good le? still got clap hands ah?"
Darl, "Not sure.. I think they will throw 臭鸡蛋... "

Nevertheless, I still bought the racket. =P.
Coz got discount ma..

Racket @ $43.90 (Original price $112.00)
20 shuttercock @ $16.90 (Original price @ $27.40)
Both from Royal Sporting House.

Yeah.. go and book court liao! Happy happy! =D

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