Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Korkor Kena Blacklisted

Today my kor bully me, after that he realised I really angry liao then try to sweet talk me, too bad I don't buy it anymore, don't know which is real which is not liao.. so I deleted him & block him from every contacts. I also tell Darl that kor bully me so I dun wan to go to his BBQ liao, Darl bo-eng coz he working, but he says I may add him back to the blacklist.

Later my phone ring, Kor called me. I guess maybe he wants to say sorry liao, dun answer, let him scare a bit more.. who knows later he told Darl,"Tell meimei she forget to delete Lin, like that I still can reach her le"... walau eh.. make me even more angry..

Then he bo pian, leave a message say don't play liao.. add me back liao... guai..

Don't add him back yet.. let him scare for a few more days.. angry ar!!

He really = cow dung!

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