Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jelly Bean

Saw this while shopping today and it reminded me of sitting next to Celine last time. So happy that we sit together, but then she only worked part-time so did not come to work everyday. One day Cat pop by talking to me then she took something from Celine's desk and offered me one (Cat is the one that offered me the cinnanmon bun last time).

I looked into the small round container, wow! Full of colorful candies, I didn't know which to pick.. haha!

Cat said these are Jelly Belly and all have different taste.. Not sure if Celine realize her beans are getting lesser and lesser, coz we can't help digging into it...! Haha.. maybe she thought they sprouted...

Now we no longer sit together, Cat also left the company already, however these are the most colorful memories ever had! =D

The Jelly Belly Family

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