Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't Eat So Much Ramen!

Called Dean for laksa in the morning, he said he wanted but can't. Why can't le? Because he promised someone to train that someone's dear, and that someone chia him eat a lotsa ramen. Walau eh.. Nothing to say.. Okie lor then u eat ramen la.. don't eat laksa la.. I told him, it's your weekend and you decide how you want to spend it k?

Awhile later Dean called and said he can make it liao, probably scared kena blacklisted.

We reached and discovered that the shop is no longer there! SHOCKED! Darl quickily called the hawker. Oh! They've moved back to the old kopitiam. Phew!~ The hawker said they are struggling because the rental is too high, we assured him that we will support him and visit more often. Please don't close down.. sob sob..

After that we went Autoback to shop something for Darl's baby - Shower gel, moisturiser, baby wipes, sponges and some mirrors. By the way, the baby's name is "City". Next time I'll buy some Hello Kitty's hat and mittens for City, k?

Dean rushed home after this because the someone's dear is still there 痴痴的等... and that someone asked him where he disappeared to for so long. Walau eh.. cannot just tell him you suddenly feel like having laksa instead of Ramen meh?

At night, we meet up again for badminton from 9pm to 10pm. I sprained my legs within the first 3 minutes so was unable to move much then. =( Darl said because I didn't warm up wor... sob sob... (The shuttercock as a rememberance of our first game).

After the game - Supper Time! However, Dean said he is not hungry yet as he just had a crabby feast an hour ago. Before we get into our car, Dean already drove off. O.o must be rushing back for ramen. We went T3 and had Popeye for supper! It tastes good and looks good with more side order varieties, and price is as comparable to other fastfood chain too.

This morning Dean said he only slept 3 hours last night. Told you right.. don't eat so much Ramen le.. indigestion le.. aiyo..

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