Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cute Cute Shop

Dean was on an whole island hunt for a particular brand of ice-cream that his sister wants for tonight's family gathering. We joined him for lunch then continued with his hunt. All dunno where to go.. so I decided - GO AMK! Coz I just discovered from an online ad that there's a shop there selling cute cute stuffs.

After parked, we happily began our shopping spree!
"Where is the shop?"
"It's near HDB Hub."
"Huh??? HDB Hub is at Toa Payoh le???" Both stared at me... O.o O.o
"erm.. I mean AMK Hub." I'm getting a bit confused.
Worst is that my phone went flat and the address is in there.
"The shop sell what thing?"
"Sell cute cute thing."
So we scanned through all floors, also went into those shops selling cute cute thing though they are not the one I'm looking for.
"This is AMK Hub already you know, are you sure it's AMK, or is it Toa Payoh?"
"Ya.. I remember the ad said - near AMK Hub le."
"Huh??? NEAR? That means not inside AMK Hub ar??"

*Faint*... ...

I'm also quite tired already... so decided that we come back another day.. But the two guys are not giving up yet, they suggested all the possible shops around the Hub and insisted to give them a try... Wah... so persistant ah? Mai la.. i already cannot walk le.. Zzz.. ended up almost carpet searched the whole of AMK.. and nearly forget about the Sorbet Ice Cream.. Zzz..

Didn't know they are also very excited about the cute cute thing..
or maybe they scare have to pei me come again.. so better do it once and for all.. Zzz..
... &$@#$%...

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