Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dean's Pet

Had instant noodle as lunch in the office yesterday, so decided to eat proper today. Dean happened to be nearby so brought me to eat curry chicken. We ordered thin bee hoon, not bad wor!

After the satisfying meal, have to go back to work liao.. =( don't want can or not.. =( Very reluctant so I kaput-ed a dino plush from his car.. hehe actually he gave me one la, coz he already had a hippo to take care.. so we will adopt dino for the time being.. keke.. by the way, his hippo is really really cute.. still got a personal toilet one wor.. if he never say I still dunno.. haha..

Happened to passby Teck Whye, heard that one of the restaurants there serves nice soup, had no idea which one so we just try our luck. Not very lucky though, don't really know how to appreciate the food, the chilli taste best I think.. lol..

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