Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Presentation by Big Shots

No OT but can't go home early, coz need to go to the city to attend a presentation. So poor thing they have to take the first row. I'll never take front rows in the cinema.

Not all top management people talk well. Some doesn't seem prepared, some murmured away, some trembled like first time on stage.. Of coz there are very impressive one.

Watever it is.. reached home quite late.. If cannot time properly, next time pls dun organise during weekday can? Especially on a Blue Monday nite!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wish Jen Speedy Recovery

Visited Jen at the hospital. Her fibroid is soooo big! 10 cm and looks like a small brain. eee.. ok stop.

Only 3rd day after her surgery and she is already well and energetic, a contrary to Dean, who looks hagard and tired. He said hasn't been sleeping well since. So poor thing, never mind la.. Jen has a lotsa chicken essence for him.

I wrapped a hamper for her.. nice ma? hehe..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Licence Agreement of a Freeware

Have you ever bother to read the Licence Agreement before accepting it? I came across one that is quite funny. But I still accept it. Lol...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Eric's housewarming.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Another Day...

Today lagi jiat lat.. worked till ten plus.. reached home.. dinnered.. showered..
Wah!! 11pm liao.. no nid online liao lor.. zzz..

Wednesday only le..
Looking forward to weekend - Do my photoshop thingy, go SM's house warming, visit Jen Jen, play badminton, sleep & sleep & sleep... Already plan nice nice..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When is this going to end...

Very very tired.. working from 8.30am to 9.30pm.. 13 hours without sunlight. Knock off.. eat.. showered.. online awhile.. 11pm liao.. time to sleep. Next morning wake up.. go work.. from 8.30am to 9.30pm.. 13 hours without sunlight. Knock off.. eat.. showered.. online awhile.. 11pm liao.. time to sleep. Next morning wake up.. go work.. from 8.30am to 9.30pm.. 13 hours without sunlight. Knock off.. eat.. showered.. online awhile.. 11pm liao.. time to sleep. Next morning wake up.. go work.. from 8.30am to 9.30pm.. 13 hours without sunlight. Knock off.. eat.. showered.. online awhile.. 11pm liao.. time to sleep. Next morning wake up.. go work.. from 8.30am to 9.30pm.. 13 hours without sunlight. Knock off.. eat.. showered.. online awhile.. 11pm liao.. time to sleep. Next morning wake up.. go work.. from 8.30am to 9.30pm.. 13 hours without sunlight. Knock off.. eat.. showered.. online awhile.. 11pm liao.. time to sleep. Next morning wake up.. go work.. from 8.30am to 9.30pm..

When is this going to end...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine + Birthday Celebration

8.20am - The part-time helper called to say that she overslept. Wah good ah! That means we could go for our lunch appointment on time!

Dean planned a belated Valentine's day for all + an early birthday celebration for Jen. He woke up at 7am to do marketing and preparing food. Guess what? He cooked us a very daring dish, steak! I guess it's no easy task, Jen wants it well done, Darl wants it medium rare, I want it in between lol.. Thanks to the cook, the food turned out nice especially the gravy to the steak. We had clam chowder and red wine to go with the main course, strawberries and cake as dessert to round up the meal. Nice~

Finally get to browse those of their younger day's photo. Thanks for sharing with us, it's very neatly arranged and labelled. Very free hor.. lol.. no la.. i mean 很有心思。lol..

Sakae Teppanyaki

After the carpet search @ AMK, we were so tired, took a nap all the way till 8pm, then drove down to Bugis for shopping + gym + dinner. Ended up the sequence became = dinner - shopping - gym. lol.. coz hungry liao ma..

Darl treated me to Sakae's Teppanyaki! Nice food!

Beef Set
Beef + Cuttlefish + Foie Gras + Teppan Chawanmushi + Assorted Mushroom
+ Rice + Miso Soup

Seafood Set
Tiger Prawn + Cuttlefish + Bamboo Clam + Chicken + Vege
+ Rice + Miso Soup

%@ Thank You Darling & Happy Valentine's Day! @%

Cute Cute Shop

Dean was on an whole island hunt for a particular brand of ice-cream that his sister wants for tonight's family gathering. We joined him for lunch then continued with his hunt. All dunno where to go.. so I decided - GO AMK! Coz I just discovered from an online ad that there's a shop there selling cute cute stuffs.

After parked, we happily began our shopping spree!
"Where is the shop?"
"It's near HDB Hub."
"Huh??? HDB Hub is at Toa Payoh le???" Both stared at me... O.o O.o
"erm.. I mean AMK Hub." I'm getting a bit confused.
Worst is that my phone went flat and the address is in there.
"The shop sell what thing?"
"Sell cute cute thing."
So we scanned through all floors, also went into those shops selling cute cute thing though they are not the one I'm looking for.
"This is AMK Hub already you know, are you sure it's AMK, or is it Toa Payoh?"
"Ya.. I remember the ad said - near AMK Hub le."
"Huh??? NEAR? That means not inside AMK Hub ar??"

*Faint*... ...

I'm also quite tired already... so decided that we come back another day.. But the two guys are not giving up yet, they suggested all the possible shops around the Hub and insisted to give them a try... Wah... so persistant ah? Mai la.. i already cannot walk le.. Zzz.. ended up almost carpet searched the whole of AMK.. and nearly forget about the Sorbet Ice Cream.. Zzz..

Didn't know they are also very excited about the cute cute thing..
or maybe they scare have to pei me come again.. so better do it once and for all.. Zzz..
... &$@#$%...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Gift

On our way home, Darl told me he bought me a gift, I was so excited but his lips are tight. He wouldn't tell me what it is, he said, "if you can find it than you may have it." So I guess it must be something very small hiding somewhere in the house, then as I entered the house, I saw this HUGE box!!! But he said I can only open it on Valentine's Day...

I only give him small small thing.. hehe..

Also received these from colleagues. A coaster that says 'First Class Office Worker'.. lol..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dean's Pet

Had instant noodle as lunch in the office yesterday, so decided to eat proper today. Dean happened to be nearby so brought me to eat curry chicken. We ordered thin bee hoon, not bad wor!

After the satisfying meal, have to go back to work liao.. =( don't want can or not.. =( Very reluctant so I kaput-ed a dino plush from his car.. hehe actually he gave me one la, coz he already had a hippo to take care.. so we will adopt dino for the time being.. keke.. by the way, his hippo is really really cute.. still got a personal toilet one wor.. if he never say I still dunno.. haha..

Happened to passby Teck Whye, heard that one of the restaurants there serves nice soup, had no idea which one so we just try our luck. Not very lucky though, don't really know how to appreciate the food, the chilli taste best I think.. lol..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chap Goh Meh

The last day of the Chinese New Year, had steamboat at chalet with Kor & his family. Kor said initially wanted to have BBQ, but later decided to eat light coz most of them have sore throat. Thanks to Lin for preparing the food.

My cute niece is very guai, never cry the whole night wor.. good girl! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't Eat So Much Ramen!

Called Dean for laksa in the morning, he said he wanted but can't. Why can't le? Because he promised someone to train that someone's dear, and that someone chia him eat a lotsa ramen. Walau eh.. Nothing to say.. Okie lor then u eat ramen la.. don't eat laksa la.. I told him, it's your weekend and you decide how you want to spend it k?

Awhile later Dean called and said he can make it liao, probably scared kena blacklisted.

We reached and discovered that the shop is no longer there! SHOCKED! Darl quickily called the hawker. Oh! They've moved back to the old kopitiam. Phew!~ The hawker said they are struggling because the rental is too high, we assured him that we will support him and visit more often. Please don't close down.. sob sob..

After that we went Autoback to shop something for Darl's baby - Shower gel, moisturiser, baby wipes, sponges and some mirrors. By the way, the baby's name is "City". Next time I'll buy some Hello Kitty's hat and mittens for City, k?

Dean rushed home after this because the someone's dear is still there 痴痴的等... and that someone asked him where he disappeared to for so long. Walau eh.. cannot just tell him you suddenly feel like having laksa instead of Ramen meh?

At night, we meet up again for badminton from 9pm to 10pm. I sprained my legs within the first 3 minutes so was unable to move much then. =( Darl said because I didn't warm up wor... sob sob... (The shuttercock as a rememberance of our first game).

After the game - Supper Time! However, Dean said he is not hungry yet as he just had a crabby feast an hour ago. Before we get into our car, Dean already drove off. O.o must be rushing back for ramen. We went T3 and had Popeye for supper! It tastes good and looks good with more side order varieties, and price is as comparable to other fastfood chain too.

This morning Dean said he only slept 3 hours last night. Told you right.. don't eat so much Ramen le.. indigestion le.. aiyo..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dinner @ Casuarina Road

Boss treated the whole dept a dinner @ Casuarina Road.
Food is so so only, particularly the prawn, see liao want to faint.
Most dishes turned cold before we eat them coz they served too fast.

Lo Hei (Before)

Lo Hei (After)

GARLIC !!! Prawn

Chilli Crab

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Korkor Kena Blacklisted

Today my kor bully me, after that he realised I really angry liao then try to sweet talk me, too bad I don't buy it anymore, don't know which is real which is not liao.. so I deleted him & block him from every contacts. I also tell Darl that kor bully me so I dun wan to go to his BBQ liao, Darl bo-eng coz he working, but he says I may add him back to the blacklist.

Later my phone ring, Kor called me. I guess maybe he wants to say sorry liao, dun answer, let him scare a bit more.. who knows later he told Darl,"Tell meimei she forget to delete Lin, like that I still can reach her le"... walau eh.. make me even more angry..

Then he bo pian, leave a message say don't play liao.. add me back liao... guai..

Don't add him back yet.. let him scare for a few more days.. angry ar!!

He really = cow dung!


The name Wilson reminds me of Tom Hanks volleyball in the the movie Cast Away, shown in year 2000. Tom Hanks became isolated on a remote island for 4 years after a plane crash and all he had is a volleyball which he named it 'Wilson'.

The saddest part of the show is when Wilson accidentally drifted away in fast current, and Tom Hanks kept crying out for his name knowing that he's going to lost his only companion forever.

A movie worth watching, but must prepare a lotsa tissue paper. lol...

Genre : Adventure/Drama
Directed by : Robert Zemeckis
Starring : Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Nick Searcy, Wilson**
Release Date : January 2001

Tagline : At the edge of the world, his journey begins.

Office Rules

One day a colleague of mine forwarded this sms to us and asked who has the guts to post it on our boss's facebook. Everyone nominated me to post it because of my rank. Being a newbie, I dare not disobey, so I said,"Okay! I'll lead you all by posting the first line, and you guys to post the following lines in the order or your rank. This is call Teamwork!"


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wilson Vs Yonex

The Hello Kitty shop reopened after Chinese New Year. Spotted some nice stickers, so lovely and bought some. Chosen 6 but the salesgirl said, "pick 8 and it will only cost you only $2, else will be $2.40 for 6 (40 cents each)". Huh? 8 for $2 only - Got promotion ah! Oic..


After that, bought a breakfast set from McD (McMuffin + Ice Milo = $2.40). Got promotion also! Omg I didn't know I missed so many goodies!

Reached home, read newspaper while enjoying my breakfast, haven't had this kinda life for a long time already. Haven't read newspapers for ages, getting more and more sua-ku after camping in that ulu-ulu place.

Very tired, take a nap.

Woke up at 5pm, packed my stuffs and go for some exercise with Wilson. Erm.. with Darl & Dean actually. Dean said it's a Wilson vs Yonex match. lol.. Very tiring after 1 hour of exercise, luckily didn't book the badminton court for 2 hours as Darl assured me that the hall won't close down tomorrow. So shiok after the game. Never perspire so much also in the gym i frequented, and most of the time my nose hurts too because the environment is too cold and dry. Above photo taken at the same venue, Dean has some photos of the hall. (I didn't take any coz it says NO CAMERA in the hall!)

All were hungry after that so we turned in to Jalan Kayu for dinner and called it a day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jelly Bean

Saw this while shopping today and it reminded me of sitting next to Celine last time. So happy that we sit together, but then she only worked part-time so did not come to work everyday. One day Cat pop by talking to me then she took something from Celine's desk and offered me one (Cat is the one that offered me the cinnanmon bun last time).

I looked into the small round container, wow! Full of colorful candies, I didn't know which to pick.. haha!

Cat said these are Jelly Belly and all have different taste.. Not sure if Celine realize her beans are getting lesser and lesser, coz we can't help digging into it...! Haha.. maybe she thought they sprouted...

Now we no longer sit together, Cat also left the company already, however these are the most colorful memories ever had! =D

The Jelly Belly Family

My Badminton Racket!

After gym, Darl brought me to buy a racket as promised. Yeah! So excited, almost wanted to book a court for the evening right away! haha..

Darl doubted if I really know how to play, he warned me, "U really can play hor.. don't buy liao play awhile say don't want liao and giv me, I don't know how to play hor.. I only play table tennis hor.."
Mollie, "I know how to play la, last time I always play with my sister one. We take one side of the gate each, in front of our house"
Darl, "Playing at court is different, got people sit there and watch and got people clap hands one."
Mollie, "Huh! Is it? Wah.. stress hor. If play not very good le? still got clap hands ah?"
Darl, "Not sure.. I think they will throw 臭鸡蛋... "

Nevertheless, I still bought the racket. =P.
Coz got discount ma..

Racket @ $43.90 (Original price $112.00)
20 shuttercock @ $16.90 (Original price @ $27.40)
Both from Royal Sporting House.

Yeah.. go and book court liao! Happy happy! =D