Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wedding Game 《大喜事》

Was so busy yesterday until all of us forget about lunch time.. So all decided to settle with cup noodles coz it's quite late already.

Working and eating at the same time like Octopus!!! See so much work piling up on my desk, all the way to my colleague's desk, luckily she's on leave. (well.. because she's on leave..)

Nearly miss the PereOcean's event. Well, in fact we missed the best part - Fann & Chris's appearance. But we were in time for Paul's speech. O.o Who is Paul? lol.. He is one of the company's sales manager la.. After the show, we received a goodie bag each.

Release Date : Jan 25, 2009
Genre : Comedy Romance
Director : Ekachai Uekrongtham
Casts : Fann Wong, Christopher Lee, Charles Chen Jian Zhou, Alice Lau, Daniel Tan, Lai Ming, Saiful Apek.

It's a movie played by real couple, kinda interesting.
Thanks to Dean for the invitation.

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