Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wedding Dinner

Attended a buddy's wedding dinner at Novotel last weekend. Dean picked me up at 6.30pm and because of the huge jam, we only reached the hotel at 8.15pm. The dinner hadn't started yet and we were the first to be seated at the table assigned. Ended up there were only 5 people sitting at our table so we had 10 person's share of food. lol..

The location is a bit out of reach, however, the waiters and waitresses are unexpectedly nice and polite. A big contrary to the wedding dinner I attended last month at Furama, to the extend that one of my friends said, "Whoever hold a dinner here again, please do not invite me!"

Before I forget, we have a prawn-peeling expert, so we do not have to dirty our hands.. keke.. If the prawn falls into my hands, it will not look this nice.

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