Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd Day of CNY

Today was on Free & Easy, no visiting & no visitor, so decided to bring Kitty along for a spin. Kitty is our car's second guest, our first guest is Dean. On the day we collected our car, we picked Dean up for dinner though he said not so used to being a passenger, haha... Well, all these while wanted to say :
%@ Thank You Very Much For Your Help Dean @%

Went to the nearest Sports Council to register as a member so I could book the badminton court as and when I like, but need to buy racket first. By the way, charges as follow :
* $7.40/hr for non peak (6pm-10pm on weekdays / 7am-10pm on weekends &PH)
* $3.50/hr for peak hr (7am-6pm on weekdays excl. PH)
Can book slot online :

Went Ikea for lunch (sambal fish not very nice), at the same time shop for a bookshelf. End up didn't buy anything except a box of Bangkit Flower, darl's favourite.

Bring Kitty to see airplane along the airport runway.

Don't pull my ears!

Darl says Kitty will turned into Doraemon soon (ie. NO EARS) because I keep holding her by her ears. Ops sorry... I didn't realise I was doing that, probably she's a bit chubby and overweight so I dunno how to hold her, haha..

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