Sunday, January 4, 2009

小强 is a Threat!

No weekend helper this week, tell you what, Never mind - I'll do the cleaning MYSELF!

Wake up at 9.15am, clean from 9.30am till 12.30pm. No 小强 spotted. Good. What happen last week was, while I was sleeping, got one 小强 crawled on my wrist, I got a shock!!! I woke Darl up, he looked at the clock - 2.30am,"Tomolo then catch can or not?" Before he finished, I'd already dashed out and back to the room with Sheltox, but the 小强 is even faster, it's no longer at the spot where I saw it earlier. I think - seow liao la like dat, tonight sure no need to sleep, I die die also must hunt it down.

Luckily our room doesn't have much thing, other than the bed's 4 legs + the side table's 4 legs + my legs, nothing else touches the floor. so I immediately spotted it 鬼鬼祟祟 hiding under the bed. I sprayed Sheltox at it, and quickily run to the study room, this time I smart, my legs up on the chair.

I waited, and not for too long, it crawled out from under the bed and crawled towards the study room!!! Darl was awakened by my screaming and he came into the study room,"Give me the Sheltox". When he came nearer for the Sheltox, I think the 小强 saw him and panic so it anyhow run, then of coz I also run, so the 3 of us were 'merrying-go-round' for awhile before Darl reached me for the Sheltox. In the end Darl managed to conquer it, 小强 was jailed for a night, under the 'upside-down' dustbin.

I believe the 小强 must be from either upstair or downstair, this is not the first time already! Got one time also one 小强 was spotted in our living room at round 3am, and it looked badly injured. Grrr... illegal immigrants!

That's not all about 小强, after a night battle with 小强, the next day I bought a bottle of herbal tea from one of the FH chain outlets for my sis because she's not feeling well, we opened the safety seal and there's a 小强's leg on the inside of the cap, the shopkeeper exchanged a new one for us, but I've already lost my appetite.

At night when my sis was half asleep I go and feel her forehead, she got a shock, she said she thought it was a 小强.

小强 你真可恶!!!!!!

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