Monday, January 19, 2009

Renovation of KongLongKia's House ~ Pet Society

Dean called me this morning...

Dean : Omg! I think I had been robbed!
Mollie : Huh? Where? Who? When? How?
Dean : My pet. I mean my Pet Society de pet.
Mollie : Chey...
Dean : So weird, the house suddenly become so messy.
Mollie : Messy?
Dean : Ya..
Mollie : Oei! I wake up early tidy for u le... very messy meh? =(
Dean : O.o" Ops... Soli soli soli.. kekeke..
Mollie : =( =( =( =( =( =( =(

This morning I saw Dean's house so messy, the window one up one down, the cactus on the TV top so dangerous, the bedroom and bathroom no window, etc.. So I've decided to tidy up a bit so as to give KongLongKia a better environment, who knows he says it's 'messy. Really cannot tahan him ar.. zzz...

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