Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mickey Mouse's Ears for the Key

It's Saturday, a non-working day, I took my own sweet time and shoot a few photos along the way to the office. The sun was fierce and I was lucky to have brought along an umbrella, but the wind played me out, it's so strong that I almost flown away with my umbrella - The Kite Flying Theory!

Everyday off work I'll passby that small wooden hut on the left. It's been there for 3 months already though there don't seems to have any construction work anywhere nearby. Maybe it's in the bush behind the bus stop?

Anyway, whenever I off work after OT, I could smell nice curry when I pass by the hut. So envy, I'm also dead tired and hungry too... How I wish I could teleport home. Soon, will be able to. =)

Was tidying my drawer and found this thing given by Dean - Mickey's Ears. So cute!!! I guess he gave it to me because it's my color! =D Actually I'm not really a pinkie person le, anyway, definitely not his. Haha!!

Thank you oh!! I like it very much la.. coz it's a bright and happy color! =D

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