Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ikea Meatball & Chicken Wing

Dean said he happened to passby my office and would give me a lift if I am ready to go. I quickly switch off my pc and run down, my colleague said,"eee? I thot u want to OT?"

"errr... dun wan liao.. hehe.."

Dean picked Darl after me, we settled our dinner at Ikea. Wah! Only 3 person eat so much food wor! Jen didn't join, so tapao one cheese cake for her.

Reached home, suddenly remembered that Dean actually wanted us to 'pei' him shop for plants at the garden.

Actually we did see some plants at Ikea, but not much and not interesting too, except this one. Real plant that looks very fake. lol.. Anyone knows what plant is this?

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