Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve!!!

Woke up at 10am and headed down to the city to collect roasted duck. The road is so clear though no ERP. Driving along KPE @ 70km/hr... zzz... Reached the CBD... where I used to work, I miss this place.

Ordered breakfast set while waiting for our duck to be prepared. Since there are still time, let me teach you how to eat half boil egg. Must use Sarawak Pepper k! =) By the way, there's a comic on the cup of coffee, it says,"Do not leave your belongings unattended". Coz if you lost your purse and no $ to pay for food, have to wash plates, haha..
Click on the cup to enlarge >>

After that, turned into Amoy Street where kor and I used to have mutton soup every Sunday during recess.

There is a Tua Pek Kong hidden at the corner. Every year without miss, Darl and his gang will gather at the Tua Pek Kong at our hometown after reunion dinner. Years pass but this practice has not been forgotten, not only that, the group is getting bigger and bigger because everyone started to bring their wife, and kids. Though we did not go back home this year, we do not want to give it a miss, and managed to find one of their branches here.

I made some wishes at the temple :

"Tua Pek Kong, please po pi po pi my darling papa mama begg supa suma sumei xiaoblue xiaopink baobao xiaobao xiongxiong gougou lele daming korkor ahlin dino jenjen ck muso... ... Good Health & Happy Always.

Also, "Tua Pek Kong, please xxxx xx xxx Xxxx x xxxx xxxxxx." hehehe...

After that give our car a shower, not really a shower. The sky is gloomy so we decided to just wipe one round or two. Twenty cent for 1.5 pail of water, we very suaku, only bring one pail.. so I quickily run upstair to get another pail, of coz didn't make it on time la lol..

Had enough rest, it's time to prepare dinner!!!
Later show you what we eat k?! =D

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