Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cornflakes and Milk

This morning I woke up before the weekend helper came. After I opened the door for her at about 8am, I smuggled these into my bedroom and pretended to continue to sleep. My parents never allow food into the bedroom, of coz the helper would not stop me, but I just feel a bit guilty. lol...

This cornflake is called "YogActive Junior", it has a little boy's picture on the box. So I asked Darl : "Why Junior? Is this for kids?"

Darl : No la.. Can eat la..
Mollie : Then got kid's picture somemore..
Darl : Don't worry they won't check your IC.. Come let's pay and go..
Mollie : ......
(make me feel like a little stoopid =.=")

So I bought it to go with fresh milk, the cornflake is nice but I got the wrong milk. I would usually take strawberry milk alone. For cornflake, I prefer the non-flavoured milk. Aiya.. take and go la.. take wrong liao lor.. you see..

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