Sunday, January 4, 2009

Curry Chicken Noodle @ Chinatown

The weekend helper called to said that she couldn't make it tomorrow... Great!!! I am so happy all of a sudden, "Never mind don't come, I'll be going back to the office tomorrow. Thank you!" lol... Don't know why I feel so happy that she's not coming. Talking about that, every Sunday I couldn't sleep late or go out because she's here doing the cleaning, from 8am to 1pm+.

Dean suggested that we go for a walk at Chinatown. Yeah!!! Finally got the Chinese New Year mood, but forget to bring camera, wasted.

Jen recommended the famous Curry Chicken Noodle, the guys queue while the girls sit and chat.. lol.. We were so lucky that we managed to get the last 3 bowls after queuing for 30 minutes, sorry to those who queued behind..

We also tried the Bakuteh there, but I still prefer Bedok one. The food here is nice, the only thing is must be able to bear with the messiness.

Nice Ah Balling recommended by Jen, Good+++

I shall come again with my camera sometimes nearer to Chinese New Year. Kor Kor says he wants to come too. Stay tuned for the photos!

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