Sunday, January 25, 2009


Tomorrow we will prepare the reunion dinner together, so we decided to have a rehearsal today. I called mummy and told her that we cooked a pot of soup today and it's quite successful.

She asked "What soup is it?"
"莲藕花生干贝鱿鱼红枣枸杞子萝卜排骨汤, I said.
She was like,"Huh? Come again?"

Haha.. Coz we name it with all the ingredients in the soup.

I've decided to stock up some chickens too as most shops may be closed during the holidays. Darl says better don't buy too many, wait the chicken turned chicken essence, I still haven't eat them.. Haha.. he knows my pattern.

Okie, better sleep liao.. get ready for tomorrow!

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