Sunday, December 14, 2008


Vivocity - every time i go, i get lost. It's so big like a maze, and yet it's still so packed during festive season.

It's our 10th Anniversary and Darl wanted to treat me No Signboard. However, I prefer to chop chop with the food so I could spend more time shopping. lol. We ended up at this very 古色古香 foodcourt and ordered the following :

The pork knuckle is very nice, but the bakuteh is more than disappointing. They have two gradings for the bakuteh and we ordered the better one, the portion is very pathetic though the soup is refillable. A bowl itself cost $7.50 = 3 pieces of bones + garlic. Guess you can gauge the size of the bowl by looking at the size of the garlic. Most importantly, it doesn't taste as nice as the one at Bedok. Overall, not so value for money.

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