Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shopping for Evening Bag @ Metro

This is the first time I've been to this place - City Plaza. If you haven't heard of also never mind, because it's a very run down shopping mall, nothing much to see.

Why we ended up here is because I keep wanting to go Metro (got 20% sales - 1 day only), so Dean just conveniently turned into any shopping mall along the road. There's no Metro there, so we settle our lunch first. Dean recommended this :

The 2 guys shared the couple meal, I didn't eat any so dunno how is it like. Only took a bit of Salad and Rootbeer.

After nap, Darl brought me to Metro at Compass, I saw a nice bag, was hesitating... then...

Darl : You already have many bags.
Mollie : But I don't have one for the evening dress.

Darl : The type with compartments inside?

Mollie : Ya... with compartments for...

Darl : For chicken wing? Ok then buy lor.

zzz ... actually I wanted to say .. "compartments for lipstick, purse, handphone la..."
aiyo... hahaha...

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