Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pick-up Experience

I dragged Darl out of the bed to help Dean with the shifting because i haven't sit in a pick-up before. Last time when we shift house, Kor & Lin also excitedly came over to help up though we engaged moving company. This time round I also couldn't help k-po-ing when friends move house. Hehe.. But the guys just wouldn't let me touch any of the stuffs except light items like table lamp, cushion etc.. zzz...

My first time sitting behind a pick-up! Darl says luckily the weather is very nice and the road condition is good or else it won't be so fun (for me as a first-timer). Dean has been driving very slowly for our safety, until when he drives his saloon car he is also driving very quietly and carefully, then he says, he forget that he's not driving a lorry already. Hahaha!

I think driving lorry is one way to train patience. lol..

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