Thursday, December 4, 2008

Money Never Pile Up As Fast

This is how much work I have to do AFTER the 9 to 6 working hours.

From 9 to 6 : Busy with daily operations.

AFTER 6 : Clearing own work that has about 3 days SLA. Also to check your peer's work - those that she did the previous day, from her 9 to 6. And if she OT till 9pm, that means you will have to check all her work done from 9 to 9. Basically, the peers are checking one another's work among ourselves. Scary thing is, if she is on leave the next day, you will have to check her work PLUS her peers work! That ended up to be so much!

Worst is.. this is ROUTINE!

And if you've decided not to OT for one day, imagine how your work piles up..
Money also never pile up that fast..


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