Thursday, November 20, 2008

What is a moo~moo?

Very naturally, when people see a cat, they will call it mimi, see a dog will call it ou~ou or poppi, see a Teddy will call it bear~bear. However, one thing tat puzzled me was, in my office i sometimes overheard one calling another - "You bird~bird la~" !??!?!

Anyway, tonight I would like to introduce you to a little pet adopted by Dean, in his iPhone. He calls it moo~moo, guess what it is!

Result to be announced tomorrow! If you guess it right, you can have his pet!
Stay Tuned!


If you have guessed it right, like I've said, you can have his pet, though I also think that it's more appropriate to be called a mek~mek. However, you'd win! Congratulation!

To claim your winning prize, just do a right click on moo~moo >> and select the option "Save Image As..."

For those who did not guess it right this time, don't be disheartened. If you have guessed it as a cow, you deserve a consolation prize, coz I think cow deserved the name of moo~moo. So, here it goes. Cow Dung. lol~

For those who guessed neither, try harder next time. Good luck!


  1. This moo~ moo~ looks familiar.. try this, change the white color part to yellow and gray part to erm... light brown. Guess what you'll get?

    Just guess lah!!!

  2. look like some kinda ice-cream i guess..