Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turn the Globe Around

Darl's colleagues from Paris & London were on their business trip to Singapore for the first time. They were told that Singapore is very warm, so they came in short sleeves with tie. Guess what happened? They ended up complaining that the air-con in the meeting room is too cold, and had to open up the windows to 'defrost'. Haha..

When Darl's colleagues from Japan came over for business, they were well warned by their experienced colleagues that Singapore is very cold, which they then realised that it's quite true. Their air-con has never been so fully utilised, when Darl went over to Japan, he always adjust the temperature until all his Japanese colleagues were 'frozen' in the meeting room. Haha..

If I didn't remember wrongly Hongkong is one country that loves to blast air-con too, I almost have to shop in winter garments already. Maybe most Asian countries along the equator tend to blast air-con, quite understood la..

When we were in Europe, some of the places we bunked did not on air-con eventhough it's not winter yet. Sometimes it's quite stuffy to sleep without one, and quite impossible to sleep with open windows too, coz it's very noisy and unsafe. The streets are just so busy, and the polices just can't stop patroling. Zzz... I remembered once woke up and looked down the street, I saw two police cars with some policemen chasing two men, the men were handcuffed and sent away. I thought it was some movie shooting..

I also remembered that my foster parents always turn on the heater in the car during winter time, they were in layers of knitted sweaters already, and still on heater! Omg, I am already objecting by removing my clothes layer by layer, they still can't get it, maybe they are cold. =( I nearly turned into a hard boiled egg. =(

I think it's only fair if the globe could turn a different direction once every few years. With this we could take turn to enjoy some dry and cool air, while the ang mo can have enough of the sunshine too since they like it so much. Don't you agree?!

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