Thursday, November 13, 2008


This morning I rested awhile in the bus, when I woke up, I'm still,.. almost at the same spot. What happened? I'm gonna be late! I sms-ed Dean coz he stays near my office (Ops.. that means he stays at Ulu-ulu place.. lol). He says there's an accident along the road, he's just out of the jam and could wait for me somewhere nearby to rush me to my office when I alight the bus. Thank you so much but I got bring umbrella, also I'm already late, so never mind la... tq tq =D

Due to the traffic jam, I reached office without breakfast, wondering how to survive till lunch time. Then suddenly a colleague offered to toast bread for all of us. See.. got 爱心早餐 =D What a pleasant surprise.

If my ex-colleagues read this, they are gonna say, wah!! so free huh!?!? lol..
(Kaya + Nutella spread)

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