Sunday, November 16, 2008

Food is nice, but service is not there...

Prawn & Fruit Salad

Salmon with Smashed Potato

Food is nice, but service is not there.

Why I said so,
  1. Salad served without cutlery, eat with what?
  2. Upon request, they give us a fork with food residual stuck on it.
  3. Raised our hand to signal for waitresses, all pretend didn't see us.
  4. The manager came, we show him the fork, he grabbed it and turned away before we finish talking. He did came back with a clean one, maybe it's kinda common to them.
  5. Drink not served till we left.
I thought I'm in some other country. Maybe I used to be in service line myself, therefore I've some kinda expectation, sad to say they've totally failed my acceptable service level.

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  1. yum!!
    thanks for visiting my blog the other day (sorry i didn't reply soon...).
    so do you also like cooking? what is traditional singapore dish? i'm interested in other countries' dishes!