Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Unethical

We had our common washroom's basin changed 2 weeks ago, then we noticed a problem, each time after use, some water will accumulate and doesn't drain off completely, it's the amount that doesn't air dry itself even after one whole night.

I called the salesman, he replied,"Actually it is quite common that water accumulates in the basin, more or less there will be some."

Sigh... Yes I don't have the expertise in toilet installation, but please don't smoke me just because I'm a girl, or that I looked (to you) young and naive. I told him,"I'm not sure if it's the problem of the basin or the workmanship. If you tell me it's part of the design, I'll need to have it changed, if it's the workmanship, please have it corrected."

The salesman paused awhile and said,"Our customer service officer will call you back." You should have said this earlier uncle.

Then the manager from the customer service called me and very briefly, he said,"I will get someone to check out your basin this weekend, the person will call you."

So on the weekend, the someone came with a basin, he checked our basin and said, "I'm not going to touch your basin because it's not the basin's problem, it's the workmanship." He called the office, the customer service manager said he will get the previous guy who did the installation to come down, so this guy left with his basin.

Awhile later, another guy came, never seen him before. He asked, "who installed this basin for you?" Then we realised that, the previous guy who claimed to be him is actually his worker. He then made a phone call and complaint that the worker did not do a good job. He then detached the basin and attached it back 'properly'. But the basin is still a bit tilted and the water doesn't drain off completely though it looks better than before. So he changed the water stopper and surprisingly the water all drained like normal! So it seems to be the water stopper's fault!!

NO! You are wrong! I've just discovered that whether you lock it or not, the water still drain, coz it bypass the stopper and drain off! There's a gap between the stopper and the basin!!! I don't think he overlooked this, I think he purposely did it.

This is a very small matter, I actually don't need the stopper to stop the water from draining but it just bothers me when it doesn't function the way it's suppose to be. They are lucky that I wasn't around during both installations! Don't worry I won't scold them, I will just gently remind them,"Are you sure you are done?"

Sigh.. never mind already la, the next time they came, maybe they will say... I think your toilet is a bit tilted, your whole building is ia bit slanted... bla bla bla... Ya... all other things are at fault except your product and your workmanship. This is just so %@T#$M%@D#$!!

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