Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weekday Out @ Orchard

On leave today. Darl also took leave to 'pei' me. =D
Had High-tea at a Jap-Western Restaurant. Nice ambiance but the food is so so only. Can't live without coffee nowadays, it's addictive!

Bought a dress from Lves, just nice got 2 wedding dinners coming up this year end. Also bought a red sweater with hood, love it!

Also bought a pair of New Balance, getting ready to sprint on badminton court, Dean says want to challenge me wor, come lor! But I haven't buy badminton racket yet.. wait lar.. lol..

Darl has been very patience with me shopping from one shop to the other, and changing dresses one after another, so I've decided to treat him to a movie! Didn't know that weekday's pass only cost SGD6 each when paying by Nets, he happy I also happy. =D

Watched Quantum of Solace. Mmm... so so only.

Had our dinner at the newly opened Botak Jones @ Orchard Rd. Only ordered one set to share, coz it's American size and it's way toooo meaty for me. lol. Sorry so picky.

After our meal, all too tired to walk any inch further, flag a cab where we were to head home and call it a day.

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