Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tea Break - Naughty Tart

Reached office this morning, found a small tart on my desk. The culture here is very different, the colleagues always buy food/drink/thing not only for themselves but for everyone in the office. If it happened that they only have one, they will break it into many pieces and share with everyone. It's like a small family of siblings.

The 'B' on the tart stands for Blueberry. Darl says it's a naughty tart, coz it has freckles, just like me! He always say I am naughty coz he says only naughty people have freckles... zzz... actually the tart has pores, not freckles. But it taste quite nice.

Tea break! We had ice-cream and some biscuits. Because of the food food, I am able to stay back for OT till late, coz it's raining heavily and I'm so call 'stucked' in the ulu-ulu office. Hopefully with tonight's OT, tomorrow can go home earlier. =)

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