Thursday, November 13, 2008

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)

We talked over a buffet lunch the other day and here are some of the conversations that I could still remember.
  • Spotted a champion eater, and one said,"Omg, I wonder how could he download the whole bowl of cake into his stomach!"
  • Next moment, another said,"I can't eat anymore, could we delete some that we don't want? Ask the waiter to clear the plates first."
  • Today a friend go for a function and he sms me,"At the hotel already and now serving the first disc."
Could this is one of the symptoms of IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder) ?

Quoted from Straits Times Nov 11,2008 :
China could become the first country to classify Web addiction as a clinical disorder. Their manual states symptoms of IAD includes :

- persistent yearning to go online
- mental or physical distress
- irritation
- difficulty in concentrating
- difficulty in getting to sleep
"A person must show at least one of these symptoms over the past 3 months and spend at least 6 hours online a day to be diagnosed as an addict," said Dr Tao.

Erm.. a bit vague to judge this way right? It seems like everyone could be diagnosed as an addict already. lol...

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