Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend - Nap

Haven't got chance to tryout my new shoes, Darl falls sick after the Botak Jones, therefore no gym this week. He hasn't step out of the house since Friday night, and is eating very little these 2 days. Today he's better already, though still in pyjamas with pillow in hands, he came into the room and offered me some Butter Cookies just now, has appetite to eat something at last!

I picked the one in the centre (horseshoes) and the one on the front left (got raisin one). Which one is your favourite? =D

Now Darl goes to sleep again...
I think I'll also take a nap...
Nothing to do...

Updates :
Darl & Dean like the horseshoes.
Hil has the same taste as me. =D

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