Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bowling = Boring

Went bowling* with colleagues last night.

Huh? Mollie -> bowling? Never heard of right?
Yalor.. Our Halloween event.
No la.. haha.. just a get-together with colleagues from another department. Anyway, I didn't bowl, just go and c look c look, eat, gossip, chit chat and freeze... (the aircon is super cold, the place is also quite noisy)

Talk about bowling, Darl enjoys bowling and he even bought his own pair of bowling shoes, and used to go bowling with colleagues every Friday during lunch break. lol..

I don't understand bowling just like how I don't understand golf. Joined korkor for golf sessions many times already, but still don't understand what is so interesting.. My handphone also have Pinball and Golf Games, I think play that one more interesting. Haha!

*Bowling is a game in which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface into objects called pins. Indoor variations :
  1. Ten-pin bowling
  2. Candlepin bowling
  3. Duckpin bowling
  4. Five-pin bowling
  5. Nine-pin skittles
  6. Bumper bowling
  7. Power Wheelchair Bowling

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