Friday, October 3, 2008

Your Farewell~

Look at this! Almond Jelly Longan! My favourite! My boss's boss made one, would like to have one more but was rushing for time. Tonight supposed to join colleagues for Karaoke, but was thinking, maybe should go home early because a weekend helper (maid) would pop by this Sunday, for the first time.

After the dessert, I sneak out of the office quietly, then someone shouted, "Bye Bye Mollie!" Then everyone turned over and said,"Mollie Bye Bye!" Wah so pai seh.. I will join you guys next time k..

The Karaoke is actually a farewell session for one of the staffs. He's the only male staff in our office, and always volunteer to help up with heavy stuff and festive decoration though he is quite skinny. Very humble and sensible guy. "Take care & we will certainly miss you!"

(Here is a card and some chocolates from him.)

... Think back, I've received many of such cards over the years. As I was always very busy at work, I would just thanked them and chuck it aside, by the time when I knocked off and have the time to look at it, they have already gone. Actually I feel quite bad but couldn't help it, those who knows me will know that I'm always very serious at work, if I'm very busy I usually won't look up when people talk to me. Once a new staff asked my colleague, "Is Mollie very stern?" I overheard and answered her jokingly across the partition,"Yes, so thanks God that you are not under me." Others laughed, I couldn't see her face, probably turned green already. lol.. But when they get to know me better after awhile, they would know that I'm actually 'harmless', they even tell me their secrets (have a crush on somebody.. etc) keke.. dun ask me, i promise not to tell anyone.. lol.. And they also tell me,"You are so different during lunch break!"

Some of my discoveries while sorting the paper bags last week :

(I'm not teacher le.. always call me sifu / laoshi.. make me feel very old.. zzz...)

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