Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taxi Driver from Hell

Half of my ex-colleagues have moved over to the same building where I work. Today is their first day here and I am so happy to see them! Have not seen them for 2 months. =D

Supposed to leave office with one of my ex-colleagues coz we take the same route home, but I left office earlier because I wasn't feeling very well. And because I wasn't feeling very well, I've decided to take a cab which I should never have. True enough, my nightmare began when I boarded this cab. The taxi driver was speeding and driving recklessly throughout the journey. When he came to every traffic light, he looked as if he would beat the red light, then he would brake suddenly at the speed of 80km/hr, I was being thrown back and forth like a non living thing for the many many traffic lights along the journey.

I wanted to tell him that I'm not in a hurry but I dare not talk to him, you never know he may be an escape from Woodbridge. I'm sorry to say this but every taxi driver I met just couldn't help proving that they are crazier than the other. I was so scared. The distance between my house and work place is actually very short and usually cost not more than $8. I feel so sick when I reached home, and I quickly alight not even wanting to wait for the receipt, then he shouted "Ten Dollars!" I didn't bother that much as I'm feeling worst after the ride so I just pay and go.

Now I'm feeling better already, think back, I should have waited for the receipt so I could share it with all of you. It's not the worst taxi experience I have ever had after all, it's just another crazy ride. I wonder why such people exist!!

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