Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is TOO MUCH!

Was talking to my boss about recruitment over lunch break, a new staff will be joining us in 2 weeks time. It's not easy to find good candidates, they usually come well prepared so very often what you see may not be what you get.

I have this staff, in my previous job, tend to escalate complaints every other days. "The customer very impatient ah, very rude ah.. she doesn't want to speak to me, she only want to speak to manager.. bla bla bla.." Then the customer says,"Your staff ah, ask her everything also dunno, very unprofessional.. bla bla bla.."

Had countless coaching and counselling sessions but doesn't seem to improve, always claim that her ears are painful during the counselling. Finally, I've decided to sort out what went wrong. Putting aside all my works, I pulled a chair and sat beside her,"Today, I'll be your guardian angel to walk you through your duties and please do not hesitate to ask me anything that you are unsure of." Wah.. her reaction is real big,"No no no!.. no need! you sit here i cannot work!" I flared up "WAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!!"

And you know what? She stared at the screen most of the time, and I couldn't believe what I've discovered! Actually she doesn't know the buttons on the screen are "click-able"!!! And also, she doesn't know the right hand sidebar is "scroll-able"!!! No wonder she kept telling me that the info are not on the website! What on earth...$%^%$@$.. Win liao lor!!!

And of coz, she couldn't survive, she left. I do not want to take it personally, but I couldn't help feeling cheated. Actually she's quite a poor thing, coz she's very old already. Just when I thought the nightmare is over, there comes another one. She seemed keen to learn, very positive and always staying very late to complete her work. Then what is the problem? The problem is that she keep asking the same questions over and over again, best part is that and she couldn't remember that she had asked before even after so many times. Omg.. testing my patience?? Insane! I seriously doubted how they pass the screening..

I have no choice to the staffs assigned to me, so I think the most pitiful person is me. Believe it or not, handling difficult customers is never as challenging as handling staffs!

Therefore, people trying too hard to cross sell themselves and over promise, would only end up suffocating themselves, please do not 害人害己. Thank you very much.

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  1. Mollie, I agree with u a 100%. I guess it's the same everywhere. My place loves hiring old dogs. Cheap mah & they say old dogs dun give problem like lower M.C. rates, no BGR problem. True to a certain extend. But old dog is slow, cannot stay competitive, high ego. I ever teach a old dog how to use emmail. She was struggling. Later she pass the paper to me & ask me to write down step by step instructions 4 her. I nearly FAINTED! Than we young dogs 2pidly teach them, once old dog catches up. they ya ya - say things like "I eat salt more than u eat rice" wa kaoz. and also their lunch topics hor, is nothing but about their grandchild grandchild & grandchild TMD