Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sleepless Nite

Ciat lat.. must have drank too much coffee today.. It's almost 3am already and I'm still up and alert, maybe should go office to clear some work so tomorrow no need to stay back, tonight i mean, the coming evening i mean.

What do u do when u can't sleep? Can anyone suggest anything?

During my school days, I'll go to the computer lab to play Super Mario.. or leave the house as early as 4am and slowly walk to town for McD breakfast. I'll always put on my greyish windbreaker with hood + man's boots so people can't really tell if i'm a gal or a guy, anyway, NZ is pretty safe. Btw, why man's boots? Well, kids wear compare to adults are usually cheaper by half, and u know angmo are very big size, so I fit into the male kids large size just fine! Hehe..

Sleepless nite i feel is the most lonely moment, coz everyone is sleeping, you have only pillows to talk to.. Oh ya.. I know what I can do liao.. to eat tomorrow's breakfast in advance. Haha.. Anyway, I am really hungry now and I'm think of milk + cornflake! Ok ON!

Cornflake, make me sleep plz.. zzz..

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