Thursday, October 2, 2008

One Month Anniversary

Reached office this morning and everyone pointed at me - "今天你是老大!" My boss was on MC, this must be a surprise test - exactly on my one month anniversary... Stressed ' ' '

Ordered a cup of coffee to make sure that I stayed 100% awake. Surf net and read news while munching away with the cookies in my Lock-Lock. Didn't buy breakfast today coz of the slow traffic (rainy day).

At around 10am, work started piling up on my desk, and blinked, it's noon time. I lunch-in to make sure that I could finish my work, actually I just want to be more thorough, lotsa vetting and approving to be done.

(My lunch - Teriyaki Chicken Bento, I like this kinda egg.. yummy!)

At around 3pm, my boss's boss came in after meeting, she brought us some cake from the city, just nice for teabreak. At around 5.30pm, my desk is almost cleared, I dialed Darl and rest my eyes at the same time, happily told him my achievement, "My desk is quite clean now!" He was puzzled,"Huh? what happened??"

After clearing the last bit of my work , I tidy up my workstation and left office at around 6.38pm! What a tiring day~

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